Feature Stories

At ZebraCom, we excel in crafting impactful feature stories that strategically position our clients as industry thought leaders and problem solvers. These meticulously curated narratives often secure coveted spots as cover and front-page features, ensuring maximum exposure and positioning for our clients.  With a proven track record spanning diverse industries, ZebraCom stands unparalleled in the volume of feature story placements, surpassing industry benchmarks.

Our PR campaigns enhance corporate visibility and provide a compelling cost advantage over traditional media approaches. By leveraging editorial PR placements, we deliver a significantly lower cost-per-impression, maximizing the efficiency of your marketing budget. This nuanced approach ensures that your marketing dollars work smarter and yield a substantial improvement in corporate positioning and branding compared to conventional PR efforts, social media and display ads.

At ZebraCom, we seamlessly integrate Performance-Based PR™ and Ultra-Positioning™ techniques into our campaigns. This optimization of competitive strengths results in sharper positioning, stronger branding, and a distinct competitive edge within your target markets. Elevate your corporate narrative with ZebraCom and experience the strategic difference that sets us apart in the realm of public relations.

Strategic Editorial Placement

In the realm of brand recognition, securing visibility in top-tier publications is paramount. Our seasoned team, with strong relationships with thousands of media outlets, specializes in securing strategic editorial placements tailored to amplify your brand’s presence. We are dedicated to ensuring that your message resonates and reaches your precise target audience through reputable media platforms, thereby fortifying your industry authority. Trust us to navigate the complex landscape of media relationships and strategically position your brand for maximum impact.

(Performance-Based PR and Ultra-Positioning are trademarks of ZebraCom, Inc.)