About Us

ZebraCom was formed in 2002 to create and deliver high-profile feature campaigns, print and online, for B2B industrial and technology companies. For 13 years prior, the firm provided full-service advertising, public relations and marketing services for B2B and consumer technology companies under the name Zebra Communications. Both companies have been led by CEO Jim McMahon, whose experience in PR, adverting and marketing spans more than 40 years.

One of ZebraCom’s first feature campaigns, for Siemens Logistics & Assembly Systems, proved so successful in both print and online it opened the door to many other industrial and technology companies coming on board for similar campaigns. This initiated a new genre in PR for B2B companies, one focused specifically on high-exposure feature campaigns in print and online. 

For more than 20 years, ZebraCom has led the PR industry worldwide in the creation of feature campaigns for B2B industrial and technology companies, campaigns that deliver exposure well beyond conventional PR and social media initiatives. ZebraCom is transforming the way the world’s leading industrial and technology companies manage their feature content to leverage market positioning and competitive advantage.

“Thanks for the great work. This makes five magazines so far carrying this feature. You are doing a bang-up job for us.”

Leader Engineering

“You guys are good. You bring more traffic to our Internet site than anything we have done before. People read the feature stories, then link to us from them like crazy.  I’ll bet you we get a lead every two days. It was never like this before from the Internet.”

Lyco Manufacturing

“We are very impressed with the amount of media coverage we are receiving.”

Siemens Energy & Automation