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Campaign Planning & Management

Zebra maintains tight control over every aspect of the feature story campaign. The first action done is an orientation with your company. This enables us to properly set up your campaign.

We then prepare a detailed feature story PR plan laying out specifically what we will be doing over the ensuing 12-month period. This plan includes the products or services intended to be marketed; what markets we will be approaching; the story ideas intended to be produced; and a time schedule for when the stories will be released. This PR plan then becomes the blueprint for the campaign.

As the campaign moves forward, other products and services may be taken up, markets targeted, stories developed and then presented to publications. Emphasis will be put on those products, services and markets most desired for your company’s development. The PR plan can be modified in the event a shift of market focus is deemed appropriate.

Once each month you will receive a detailed report on what stories are scheduled to appear with which magazines, and what magazines have published your stories to date.