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Redefining Print PR

Zebra has basically striped print public relations activity to its bare bones and rebuilt it based on sound corporate marketing, competitive analysis and strategic positioning. This is unusual in the world of PR, which has no tradition of marketing acumen. Industry surveys show a continuing reduction in PR agency’s grasp of fundamental marketing practices, an ineffectual slide which has been continuing to decline for years.

It is no wonder why so many PR firms are unable to get acceptable marketing results for their clients. Per survey, the vast majority have become simply order takers – their clients developing the PR concepts, initiatives that the PR agencies themselves should be orchestrating.

In 2001, Zebra President, Jim McMahon, developed the concept of Performance-Based PR™, writing a feature at the time on the subject which was subsequently picked up by a half-dozen publications. This concept laid out the blueprint for a better way to structure PR campaigns from a brand marketing perspective, as opposed to the traditional journalistic approach used by almost all PR agencies.

This was then further refined with McMahon’s strategy of Ultra-Positioning™ for dealing with competitive issues in PR.  It allows an unprecedented capability for a company to focus and streamline its positioning relative to its competition, and more effectively benchmark itself in its targeted markets.

After applying these techniques to hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, the results demonstrate uniformly their overriding success for accelerating print PR into one of the most highly effective marketing tools available to industrial and high-tech corporations today.