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Media Handling

We pitch all of your feature stories directly to editors, dealing with editors only on a one-on-one basis. All of the editors that we deal with are handled with a personalized, hands-on approach.  We have hundreds of industrial and high-tech editors throughout the world that have run our stories, know the high-quality of our features, and are open to reviewing the latest stories that we have prepared for our clients.

Publications will take our stories and run them in one of the following ways:
1. Run the story exactly as it is;
2. Edit the story smaller and run it;
3. Add to the story and run it;
4. Integrate the story, or part of the story, into a larger editorial;
5. Using our story as a basis, write their own version of the story.

For our purposes, any of these are acceptable as a story run for our clients, as they would all position your company in the market, build branding and develop leads.

When we have a calendar commitment from an editor that means they have assigned the story to be run. Ninety percent of our scheduled stories will materialize in print. A small percentage of stories may be rescheduled from the original date, but nevertheless they will run.

Once we have a scheduled story we log it into our database and track it to ensure the story publishes by continuing to follow up with editors. When published, we get at least one comp magazine copy which we forward to you.  Once a story has run in print, it is then usually carried online as well, and sometimes in online digital magazines and e-newsletters.  We forward our clients links of these once they appear.

Typically, we place each story in several or more publications.  With this campaign you should realize about 20feature stories appearing in print annually.