> Zebra feature on automation in commercial bean processing. (click to view)

Feature Story Writing

Zebra features are large-format stories, typically 2,000 to 3,000 words, written to get high-profile placement and exposure in industrial and high-tech magazines. We will write one feature story for your company every three months during the campaign.

We produce three main types of feature stories: a) application features that showcase your client installations; b) in-depth tech features detailing aspects of your technology; and c) thought-leadership features addressing industry issues. Throughout the campaign we may elect to use one or more of these writing styles depending on the concepts desired to be communicated to your audiences.

No matter how well written a story may appear to be, if it does not
meet the acceptance level of editors that story will not get published. Completely aside from writing a story that builds market position, expands branding and generates leads, feature stories need to be written and packaged in such a way that they gain the interest and meet the expectations of editors.