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Zebra excels in feature story PR for industrial and high-tech instrumentation and controls. We have written and placed hundreds of feature stories on technology, like super-integrated PLCs, advanced PC process automation controls, miniaturized piezoelectric motors, the latest in industrial vibration isolation, radar level measurement and cryogenics in nanoelectronics design.

Really effective features on high-technology means writing landmark, industry-relevant stories that spark editor’s interest enough to carry them as first-up features or cover stories. The story must seriously grab the editor. Ninety-nine out of 100 high-tech instrumentation and controls stories submitted to editors are poorly written – they end up in the back of the magazine or do not get published at all. If you can get the editor’s interest, you will for sure get the reader’s interest.  Our instrumentation and controls stories have appeared as cover stories and major features in hundreds of magazines such as Control Engineering, Design News, In-Tech, Laboratory Equipment and Medical Design.