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Positioning, Branding & Leads

These are the three products of our campaigns. Zebra stories are designed to establish a stronger positioning for your company within designated markets, increase brand identity and generate qualified leads. All of our print PR campaigns are designed to have this composite purpose. All three are considered necessary for a successful print PR campaign.

Sometimes a company will want just leads, and judge the entire success of the feature PR campaign based upon that criteria. Although our campaigns do provide leads comparable to, and usually exceeding, what an advertising campaign would deliver, this is too limited an evaluation of this marketing tool. In actual fact, the results gained by the positioning and branding of your company through these feature stories far exceeds the benefits realized through the production of leads alone.

Such feature story campaigns can catapult an industrial or high-tech company into national or international recognition in a relatively short period of time, and establish the company’s positioning solidly in the minds of its audiences, while effectively deflecting competitive advances. These are marketing assets that will last for years, well after the stories have run, continuing to return financial benefits.