> Zebra feature on distribution automation at JCPenney. (click to view)


Feature stories placed on the Internet provide one of the best methods to improve search engine ranking. At least that is what our industrial and high-tech clients tell us, not to mention many SEO (search engine optimization) consultants.

The search engines are apparently very favorable to feature story content. Feature stories not only tend to rank higher in page position, compared to other forms of content, but they also have extreme longevity on the Internet. We have scores of feature stories still being carried by the search engines that were originally placed 10 years ago. Other content, such as news and product releases have a significantly shorter lifespan on the Internet, much of it less than 90 days.

Because of the way we write our features, incorporating your key words and phrases, we maximize the potential for our stories to link to those searching the Internet with these key words.  The feature stories then enlighten the reader on your company and services, or products, and establish your company’s desired positioning from credible sources in the story. The contact information in the story then links them directly to your company.

Once our campaigns get up and rolling, our clients steadily improve their ranking in the search engines.  And the flow of leads from the Internet, according to our industrial and high-tech clients, is not only substantial but continual.