> Zebra feature on robotic float-glass automation. (click to view)

Features as Published Assets

Once a Zebra feature story has published it has only realized about
5 percent of its intrinsic value to your company. Because we have a unique way of writing our features - intertwined with significant industry issues - the stories tend to be circulated, viewed and read for many years by your targeted audiences. This means your company continues to reap the benefits of positioning and branding long after the story has appeared.

Companies that subsequently use their published features for supporting marketing purposes can capitalize exponentially on these marketing assets. A published story focusing on your company’s resolution to an industry issue, with supporting interviews and explicit or tacit publication endorsement of your operation is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you. Internet exposure, posting the features noticeably on your website, using your stories for direct email and mail drops, and utilizing the published features at trade shows and as sales aids, will maximize their full potential for your company.